Electronic for all

Ozirma - Spectrometer for plastic sorting

This is a small infra-red spectrometer dedicated to plastic sorting. The big picture is to allow low-budget workshop and facilities to recycle plastic.

I work on this project since January 2019, with Mejdi NCIRI, a Optical Engineer.

The project’s originality is to answer specifics needs:

Only 10% of the plastic is actually recycled. The first step is to sort it.

Of course, big facilities already use spectrometers for sorting the plastic, but these solutions are expensive.

Small workshops use qualitative manual sorting, but this is not efficient.

The plastic sorting problem has been studied by various actors, such as Precious Plastic or Plastic Odyssey.

A small and cheap sensor would allow these projects to improve their capabilities, and to help fixing the plastic problem.

More informations here: Ozirma.

Transistor: a Wifi Radio

How to reach all the music in the world, while keeping it simple ?

I spend some time to answer this question, to build a device able to connect to various audio stream.

The case is made with G’recup, they do an amazing job at recycling pallet, and the software is open source (based on this work: Mopidy).

The electronic is designed here, in Grenoble. The user interface is designed to mimic old radios, with knobs and switchs, and enhanced with a web-interface.