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Vivien Henry

I am Vivien Henry, freelance electronic developer.

After working for three years for a company specialized in synthesizers, I decided in 2019 to start my own business, in the field of electronic design.

I provide design services for hardware and firmware, for various projects. It goes from conception to production, from a prototype to a final product in larger quantities.

I am also developing audio product for musicians and public, with upcycled radios, and a more “handcrafted” way of work.



Involved in the MatrixBrute conception, I worked on the user interface, and on the test benches for production.

I was also in charge of the DrumBrute Impact development, specially on the sound set. With the sound-designers, we created a modern sounding drum machine, keeping in mind the roots of the best of the kind.

Aside these products, I developed a test framework, to ease the development of test benches for the production line. This software helps to track the compliance of the units produced.


Working with Lythos, a company specialized in museography, I created interactive solutions for light show, triggered sounds for models.

We work together to make the model of the Foix castel and city.